Friday, October 19, 2007

Health Benefits of Speaking In Tongues.

In a research study done on tongues, it was found that the immune system of those monitored improved by 30-40 % . Another well-known study done by an agnostic scientist, Andrew Newberg of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that a part of the brain was activated by speaking in tongues that otherwise was dormant. SPECT imaging was used to analyze blood flow to the brain. There was a decrease in activity in subjects frontal lobes while speaking in tongues. "That is a part of the brain that makes us feel as if we are in control of our actions," Newberg said. "How do you know they are speaking in tongues rather than faking it," Newberg asked. "But the fact that we found similar changes in the brain in all our subjects suggests that something is really happening." Michael Persinger, a behavioural scientist at Laurentian University in Canada, praised the study. "It tells us a great deal about spiritual, mystical expriences," said Persinger, who has studied glossolalia. Dave Roberson, who speaks in tongues many hours a day, claims to have lived in Divine health for decades.

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breno said...

Hi, interesting. Which part of the brain is activated?